LeanScope Persona Generator

Lightning Fast Persona Creation

The LeanScope persona generator allows you to create posters from beautiful design templates with over 300 hand-picked quality portraits


Design with Empathy –
Portraits and Quotes

Our persona templates and 300 hand-picked portraits enable you to elicit empathy for your design target group. Use quotes to make your personas become even more alive and inspire team mates or streamline discussions. Human-centered design starts here.

Present and Spread –
Persona Templates

Enter just a few persona traits and receive a captivating poster right in turn. Our persona templates are well-suited as digital presentation slides or analog printouts. Spread the key characteristics of your personas among your team mates and find fellowship.

LeanScope Persona Poster

Brand with Identity –
Custom Logos and Colors

Place your logo on every poster you spread and colorize contents according to your CI. Get everyone to see the strong brand behind your awesome story or customer journey. (PRO)

Precious UX knowledge–
How to create good personas

Expand your knowledge through our comprehensive UX video tutorials. Learn how to create truly outstanding personas. Complete exercises and learn from practical examples. (PRO)



No Cloud,
only Sunshine

Save and load your work to and from
your file system, even offline.

You are in full control of your work data and can decide whether you want to put it to a SharePoint location, a network drive or just on your plain local file system. LeanScope persona generator is available for macOS and Windows and works offline, too.


Instant Preview and
Smart Zoom

Instantly see the perfectly sized
preview of your work.

The Smart Zoom feature allows you to focus on exactly those information that you are currently interested in for your persona. Plus: the information is automatically shown at a detail level that perfectly suits your needs.


User Groups and

You can take your stories
even further.

LeanScope offers the definition of user groups as well as scenarios and narratives. This storytelling weapon will make an even stronger point in the face of your stakeholders.



Time unlimited use with limited features

start at 75 €

per user / month


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