LeanScope for
User Journey Maps

The all-in-one user journey mapping tool for UX & CX professionals

Don't waste time manually maintaining your user journey maps in unstructured graph programs. LeanScope supports you with its unique approach to generate user journey maps from user requirements and match them with user research insights.


User centered User Journey Maps

Everything in LeanScope is human-centered from the ground up. Define stakeholders, tasks, personas, and usage scenarios to create a single source of truth for all your user journey maps. Each touchpoint of your multi-layered user journey is linked to the respective usage situations of your personas and their tasks at any point in time. This way, you can enjoy "backtracking" analyses that show you which users come into contact with which touchpoints in which situations.

Only as much user journey map as necessary

Generate multiple variants of your user journey maps based on filter criteria. Whether long or short, whether "happy" or "unhappy", "short-term" or "long-term": depending on the team or product, compile only the most relevant touchpoints into a user journey and discover previously unknown patterns.

Information in flow

A user journey map can and should be multi-layered: from user research insights to entire concept ideas, you are interested in different artifacts depending on the project situation. LeanScope takes care of this: decide for yourself which information layers you see in the individual touchpoints and which you would rather hide.

Paths are created by walking

Since LeanScope is data-driven, every single real contact with the touchpoints of your user journeys can be recorded. Read the real usage behavior of your users directly in your user journeys and identify critical pitfalls. The path of your users is rocky - take good care of them!



Export your user journey maps as PowerPoint files or SVGs at any time to give important presentations to decision makers. Focus only on the parts that are relevant to your stakeholders.


Work out your user journeys collaboratively and version current states in your Git repository: different user researchers can thus compile different info and artifacts into a coherent journey.


Optimize your DesignOps process with our support by mapping your user journey map stations in JIRA or other task management systems.

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ONE approach: Continuous UX

LeanScope provides you with a clear structure and consistent vocabulary so that your interdisciplinary processes mesh ideally and are based on solid UX & CX approaches. These fundamentals were developed together with the award-winning UX service provider Centigrade based on many years of experience with Lean UX and Continuous UX.

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