Agile Requirements Management for UX & CX Professionals

LeanScope supports professional UX & CX teams in creating personas, managing stakeholders, collecting user research insights and generating user journey maps. With LeanScope, you put users at the center of your product discovery right from the start.

UX & CX requirements... nice to meet you

Stakeholder management, the big style

Model stakeholders based on roles, tasks and responsibilities. Make your stakeholders visually distinguishable in just a few clicks using a fun building block approach. User Task Analysis or "Getting Jobs Done" never felt more lightweight.

Persona generator with kick-start templates

Generate different personas based on practice-proven persona templates. Select persona pictures from over 300 predefined quality photos or upload your own images as you like. Assign different roles to your personas or relate them to each other to get important insights about your optimal product cuts.

It all started with... the assumption

Highlight risky assumptions to gradually verify them via user research experiments. Play these user research findings back to the team as catchy stories and make it clear where initial design activities can already take place while elsewhere they should pause due to risks. Always remember: Assumptions are not yet requirements.

On the trail of playfulness: Gamification

Invite your team members and users to insightful questionnaire sessions. The integrated Player Type questionnaire helps you get to the core of your users' biggest motivators to select appropriate game-like UX/UI elements in gamification design.
Export findings as PowerPoint files or SVGs at any time to give catchy presentations to decision makers. Focus your export only on the parts that are relevant to your stakeholders.

Track any changes in your Git repository. Thanks to the open source JSON format of LeanScope, you can work collaboratively without an external cloud. With the desktop version of LeanScope, you can even go offline.


Optimize your DesignOps process with our support by automatically turning LeanScope user stories into tickets in JIRA or other task management systems. Also the resolution of tickets can be played back to LeanScope if needed.

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Visual Story Scenarios

Write visually-scored usage scenarios in the form of inspirational short stories to truly inspire your team with user problems and needs.

You can scribble? Then add your own works to the huge library!

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User-Centered User Stories

Derive human-centered user stories from scenario steps or field observations and gradually build up a cross-departmental pool of personas, stakeholders and user requirements.

The integrated user story construction kit ensures uniformly high quality standards for your user stories.

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Integrated Kanban Board

Track every single user request along your own process via the integrated Kanban Board and extend it with any project artifacts according to the User Booklet method.
Whether it's user research insights, idea scribbles, or technical assessments, you can collect everything you consider design-relevant in the LeanScope User Booklets.

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Information Bricks

Model information modules and relate them to individual usage contexts to map the information needs of your users across time and flow.

With your own scribbles or photos, you can gradually create your own small domain-specific library.

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User Journey Maps

With a single click, create insightful user journey maps from your user booklets to discuss with team and decision makers.

Tagging allows you to orchestrate different user journeys for different usage situations, for example to separate mobile from stationary journeys.

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ONE approach: Continuous UX

LeanScope provides you with a clear structure and consistent vocabulary so that your interdisciplinary processes mesh ideally and are based on solid UX & CX approaches. These fundamentals were developed together with the award-winning UX service provider Centigrade based on many years of experience with Lean UX and Continuous UX.

Download our Continuous UX Starter Kit now with key resources that will significantly improve your UX process.

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